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Features & Benefits
With the rapid growing technology innovation and internet growth, going digital is the new requirement. Since most of the employers invest most of their time doing various activities on their portable device (mobile phone, tab, laptop), it becomes an added advantage for your when you share your portfolio profile in the form of website which is easy to read on the go, anywhere and everywhere while your recipient enjoy reading it and appreciating your professional appeal and technological know-how..

Digital portfolio is the new innovation in the world of digital innovation and internet. We provide you with easy sharable link which could be shared at just click of a button from your mobile device. This could be easily shared on any sharble channels like WhatsApp, Social Media Channels, Emails etc on the go, right from the convenice of your handheld device.

We provide you with a rich details combined with graphics and rich anlytics which looks very much stylist and add value to your skills and abilities. Your professional image collecting on the website gives you employer an added advantage to know you better and you can showcase your great appearance and are quickly spotted by your employer.
You get the following benefit in the website portfolio:

1. Initial screening

2. Preference consultancy

3. A personalized website about your portfolio

4. Device friendly sharable template

5. SEO friendly sharable link

4. 1 Hard copy of your portfolio

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