About Matrimonial portfolio
Features & Benefits
As per a research it has been identified that the bride face the challenge of preparing their portfolio which needs to be shared with the groom and hence it trigerrs many trobles, even to the tune of the offer being rejected at the very beginning. This further adds to the delay in communicating your preferrences.

Our matrimonial expert connects with you to analyse your existing portfolio, involve in the initial screeing and after a round of discussion, prepare your matrimonial portfolio which presents your persona and leaves a mark of glamorous impression wherever it is submitted for the matrimonial purposes.

This not only helps you to shorten the matrimonial fit cycle but also helps your supposed to become life-parter to know you better and the right decision is available.
You get the following benefit in the matrimonial portfolio:

1. Initial screening

2. Preference consultancy

3. 1 to 1 discussion with our matrimony experts

4. 1 Hard copy of your portfolio

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